Thinking about 'Hold'......

Some time i wondering how many frames i have to "hold"poses...
Because, this "hold" will decide animation grooves.... if it is correct, audiences feel it's good animation, if not most of them feel it bad...

Today, i found nice groovy changes and holding, so i tried to analyze this sequences...
here is this

This comes from "How to train your dragons" and  i love this nice and cool facial changes and holding.
I wonder how many frames are they use??? let's slice this!

 They use 8 frames for changing....and check last 3frames, expression suddenly change! i guess this will make some nice groove.. Yes, 8frames for change. then, they use 18frames to hold his facial expression.
18frames...i notice that it will take long time audiences recognize or catch some thing, in there facial expression....

well, after keeping 18frame hold, he will change his face again in 8frame

and, you know, keep 18frames...how nice groove.

but, each holding poses actually he moves, very little but he moves not completely stop...
"Hold"but not stop completely.

8frame move,18frame hold makes this groove! great. i learn something from this.
in here i made facial expressions whit same frame timing. i did not polish in detail but still this timing looks cool.


remember 8frame move 18frame stay :D.



Smooth in animation

Here is great post at "Flip". thinking about realism and smooth arc animation curve..


How important graph editor is ??

For 3D animator, sometime or may be more, think about Graph editor, which means animation curves.

For me, It was more important things. I struggled every time.... add keys on curve and delete them..
I believed it is the best method for me at that time.
But now, I'm not using Graph editor a lot. I know that curve represent movement, but I notice that most important things is "Silhouette", In other word "Posing".

Good "Posing" represents lots of things for audiences.

In my point of view,  good "Posing" is more important than smooth movement.
If you make good "Posing" at each frame, It makes definitely smooth movement.
I do not deny importance of curves but I notice power of "Posing".

Just one "Pose" but It represent a lots......


Hey,Animator! Should read this !

I red many kinda of article about animation and sometime some are good and others are impressive.
In here, there is an article which is moved my passion i have ever been.

It's All About the Drive

This is so impressive story. And if you lost your mind it's better to read this.
Keep going...


Cool movies

I love this concept and animation. simple but impressive...


This movie is kinda music video... music and drawing is matching, perfectly.


do key framing

I will sart this blog for sharing good idea or inspiration for animator guys which is movies, tutorials or sometime my opinions.....

Actually, I'm not sure how many time I can post here a week, but I'll post as possible as I can.