I animate

I just start "Ianimate"! It's cool things.  I got some ideas form this  class, so I'll write it down for me and someone...

When you animate a character or something(even if this is just object), Think about 'MOTIVATION' .
Why they move? Why they are moving this direction? and make these reasons clear as possible as you can.

"Yeah! I know this, This is very essential things for animation!! "  maybe you say, like this.
but in reality, It's hard to imply the motivation for audiences.

My first assignment is this moving. Go right side in a few steps. That's it.
But we can think many many many situation about this. maybe he is teacher, maybe boy, maybe girl.....
Anyway, first of all you must think about 'WHY HE MOVE RIGHT SIDE' and 'WHAT IS HE THINKING??'

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