New workshop is begun

Yesterday, my new workshop begun. In this WS we going to focus on facial expression.
So we have to choose some audio line and think about my animation for it.

In this first review I have pointed out these point..

  •  my acting is not much for audio line beat
  •  my character status is not much for line tone
  •  my acting is not clear about character background
These are my mentor said,

I have to think more about character's background.
which means, is he educated or not,  what's his occupation, age, gender, he married or not etc,etc...
When and Where he say this line? for Who? for friends, gril friend or god etc, etc...

Yes, actually, I miss lots of info about character....
so my reference is not clear and not fit on voice beat....

These are my big mistake on first review....

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