some little note

When I start I animate, I've got some good notes from mentor.

Lots of them are kinda very detail things, but these are put in a right place and right time, then boom! our animation makes "reality".

  • Think about what leads what. And drag  follows.
  • Do not forget over shoot.
  • Do not make just A to B action.  Make a break down. 
  • Do not move things just same time. It makes your animation "Robotic"
  • Think about characters motivation.
  • Think about character's physicality, Is he fat or not, Is he muscularity or not....etc.
  • 8 frame is a 4 beats
I know these are very basics and every boos talk this. But  the point is you should put these note at "Right time and Right place". And I also know, It is not easy...

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