Things to check for in Final Animation

Clean arcs. Follow limbs and body parts’ trajectories (head, hands, pelvis, knees, shoulders, elbows, etc). Across the shot and make sure their paths are curved and not angular
Weight Transfers. Have the body move from planted foot . Your cannot move both feet at the same time.
Balance. Take care to check that your character is on balance (to camera)
Multiple Views check. Playblast your shot from different viwepoints. You’ll be surprised with what you see. Cheat less if you can.
Breathing. Make sure to have your character breathing if your shot is at all a closeup, or non-action shot.
No locked feet. Try to never lock your IK feet off. The foot rolls and squishes into each step and pushes and rotate out of each steps.
No Locked off anything. Keep it organic. Check render for “dead pixels.” Often hells, clavicles, brows, eyelids, hands, cheeks, and torso.
Animate toes. Always animate toes through footsteps, weight shifts, pivots and more.
Animate fingers. Offset your fingers so they don’t all move at the same time. Don’t do too much.
Facial animation offset. Offset the Left and Right face animation and the upper to lower face as well. Don’t move everything together.
Eyes. Eyeline is important. Eyedarts  keep characters alive. Animate the lids whenever the eye move. Dilate pupils in Close-ups.

These are basics but some time we forget these things.

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